I’ve Got Another (Brief-ish) Bone to Pick with Oversigning.com

I’m going to use this entry as an opportunity to explain one of my policies regarding this blog. As long as someone that wants to leave a comment it not breaking the law in some way, using their comment as a pulpit to espouse some crazy political view, or is using foul and offensive language for no good reason, his/her comment will not be trashed.

It goes on the board.

I don’t care if the person disagrees with me completely. I don’t care if he can prove me wrong. I don’t care if he impugns my character (again, so long as his language is something I wouldn’t mind my son reading).

This yahoo that writes oversigning.com and I don’t seem to agree on the stance I have just espoused. He seems to like using his bully pulpit to suggest such cockamamie BS as:

  • Georgia Tech left the SEC in 1964 because they disagreed with the rampant oversigning that the league was engaging in

Uh, guess what buddy–the NCAA didn’t even really have signing limitations to speak of in the early 60s. At some point they instituted limitations–the maximum scholarship players a D-1 team could have was 140. Bear Bryant’s teams were so huge that it looked like he had half of the Alabama student body on the sideline. But Georgia Tech’s leaving the conference had nothing to do with scholarships and oversigning.

  • Sewanee left the SEC in 1940 because the conference didn’t have a strong enough emphasis on academics.

Uh, wrong again buddy boy. Sewanee was a member of the SEC’s predecessor, the Southern Conference, and was subsequently a member of the SEC until 1940. Sewanee’s total enrollment in 1940 was around 700 total students. All of the other member schools were 10-50 times bigger. They had lost all 37 of their conference games played in since agreeing to be a part of the SEC. They couldn’t compete. It had NOTHING TO DO WITH ACADEMICS. I happen to know a little something about Sewanee since it’s where I went to college.

OK, so it’s one thing to play loosey-goosey with the facts. But I decided to take this guy on. I posted the link to this blog on his website. I encouraged him to come here and debate this topic with me. I called him out for some of his many egregious errors and misrepresentations. Ok, lies.

He refuses to allow the comments to post and he doesn’t have the ‘nads to debate this topic.

Here’s some advice, bud: don’t devote such a huge chunk of your life to something and post it all over the internet if you don’t have stones big enough to defend it. You look like an idiot.

8 Responses to “I’ve Got Another (Brief-ish) Bone to Pick with Oversigning.com”

  1. Traci Badenhausen Says:

    Got your dander up, I see – watch that blood pressure level – you ain’t so young anymore….

  2. deepsthboy Says:

    Good point, tbaden. If you read my original post regarding this dude’s website, then you are now equipped with enough knowledge of the issue to form opinions you may or may not have had prior to having read it. If you are so inclined, go to his website and browse through his entries.

    You’ll notice a common theme. Try and find where he can back up his assertions about the “damage” that is being done to all of these college athletes. You may find you struggle with that.

    Here’s a brief summary of the background of his site:

    1) The Big Ten has relatively strict policies regarding the signing of recruits.

    2) The SEC has won the past four national championships, including two from his Ohio State Buckeyes.

    3) Since the Buckeyes are obviously the best team in the history of the sport, the SEC must therefore be up to no good.

    4) Yep, they are. They’re oversigning athletes. It’s worse than slavery of genocide, and he has the proof–or he hasn’t.

    Thanks for the tip on blood pressure. I’ll drink some herbal tea this morning to soothe me.

  3. deepsthboy Says:

    Since my last post, I have good news to report. It seems the author over at oversigning.com has decided to acknowledge me after all. Perhaps not in what I would call “enlightened” fashion, but he has done so.

    If you care to read his “acknowledgment”, here is the link to it:


    Perhaps not surprisingly, I have a few responses for my buddy over at oversigning.com:

    1) Has asks his readers if knowing his personal background vis-a-vis his own rooting interests and those teams he does not care for would affect their view of the subject matter of oversigning.

    Hmm, well let’s think about that for a minute. Let’s say I am a staunch Republican (I am) and I decide to devote an enormous amount of personal time to “exposing” the fund-raising efforts, PAC payoffs, and so on of the Democrats, but didn’t bother to identify myself as a Republican at the outset. Might it be possible that you would read my “opinions” (or, heck let’s call them FACTS) a bit differently if you were equipped with that information prior to reading them?

    2) He asks if knowing his personal affiliations would change things such as the number of articles already written on the subject by others or the number of athletes signed by the school in question.

    I suppose what he means is that if anyone else has condemned the practice of oversigning, then it is wrong? Does that mean that if I can find three different and unrelated authors who have written articles saying that they have inarguable proof that lead can be turned into gold (yes, the old alchemy deal) that I should quit my job and start running around looking for scrap lead everywhere?

    As to the number of athletes signed by the schools in question, I have already dealt with this issue in some detail and won’t bother with doing it again here. I will, however, state again that the signing practices of all of these schools is something that is done with full disclosure to the NCAA and not something that is being done in a dungeon under some SEC coach’s castle. Oh, I should also reiterate that the Big Ten specifically prohibits oversigning even though it is deemed acceptable under circumstances I have previously outlined. Any chance at all that this fellow doesn’t care for the fact the last four national champions are doing something his team could be doing but isn’t? Nahhh.

    3) Mark Richt denounces the practice of oversigning.

    This is partially true. Richt has been quoted as saying that he doesn’t want to sign more kids than he has places for on his team because he doesn’t want to have to tell a kid or his parents later on that he really doesn’t have the spot available that he said he would have. Good for him.

    But this doesn’t mean that Richt “denounces” oversigning while other SEC coaches abide it openly. Richt is very careful (as are most Big Ten coaches given the strictness of signing policies in that conference) to sign only those kids that are either already academically qualified or who show every sign of being able to qualify. Not all coaches do this. They expect there will be attrition between Signing Day and the first day of fall practice and there usually is, so they sign more than the max. Does this mean Richt is above reproach and the other coaches are conniving heathens? Of course not. They simply have different approaches to the signing of recruits.

    4) I posted on his website and chose to make this a personal issue instead of having a gentleman’s debate on the subject.

    Well I know what I posted on his website and I know what I posted here on my blog. I know for a fact he has read the blog because that’s the only place I posted all of the background information on the guy and how he came to author his website in the first place. If you read my blog, then you simply got an expanded version of what I posted as a comment on his site. I did call the guy out when he wouldn’t publish my comments, because clearly he doesn’t want a different side of the issue to be posted on his website. He doesn’t want to be discredited because apparently his ego can’t take it. Well as I said in this blog posting, my ego CAN take it. Post whatever you like and it will NOT be edited or removed. This is not Stalinist Russia.

    5) He says “the material posted” on his site “stands on its own”.

    Well that would be marvelous if you allowed an alternate viewpoint to be displayed and let your readers decide for themselves. But I can tell you that as long as he just posts one-sided data and opinion, and now even openly admits that he is an SEC hater and a Big Ten apologist, then his material stands for jack squat.

    6) He considers his website to be fact-based and not based on “opinion”.

    Uh, gee, thanks for letting us know that, because I might have guessed otherwise, particularly knowing the fact that you are an Ohio State fan who is married to an Alabama fan in, as you term it and as has been on the Alabama license plate, “the heart of Dixie”, makes me wonder, particularly given the amount of his hogwash I have been able to discredit already.

    I look forward to continuing to do so.

  4. Traci Badenhausen Says:

    Well, deepsthboy, it should make you feel validated that your ‘due diligence’ to the issues has been acknowledged – particularly since they aren’t espoused by ‘oversigning’…. keep up the good word…

  5. deepsthboy Says:

    Thanks tbaden. I certainly plan to.

  6. Traci Badenhausen Says:

    After checking out the ‘other’ blog my response to you is this – what a complete ass! (my apologies if this language offends your son)…please beware his accusations (such as stalking!?!) and his demeaning of a ‘cum laude’ degree from THE University of the South…”Negligence is the rust of the soul, that corrodes through all her best resolves.”~ Owen Felltham

  7. deepsthboy Says:

    LOL at THE University of the South. I would imagine Mr. Oversigning could really appreciate that. I also love the quotation.

    And don’t worry about the boy–he can take it. But he ‘d be bored with the blog. He doesn’t read it anyway.

    The truly notable and humorous thing is that he is attempting to use “righteousness” as his excuse for not posting my responses to his tripe. That I was not engaging in gentlemanly debate, but was instead making a personal attack. Well I guess when someone gets on my website and completely debunks 90% + of what I have written, my only recourse is to say it was a personal attack. I sure can’t hide behind the hokum of my “facts” any longer.

  8. Lesa Cummings Says:

    You have done it again! Incredible post.

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