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I’ve Got a Bone to Pick with the IOC

February 15, 2010

Ok, I will admit it. I am not a huge fan of the Winter Olympics. Yes, ski jumping is fun to watch, particularly after all those years of watching the intro to Wide World of Sports. Bobsledding is kind of cool. But things like ice dancing? The biathlon? Curling? Those are sports?

But while beating up on the competitions at the Olympics is one thing, my beef is with the choice of venue for this year’s Games. As most of us know by now, Vancouver is having some unseasonably warm weather, and this has been wreaking havoc on the alpine skiing events, which for many (myself included) are the crown jewels of the Winter Olympics.

How does this happen? The IOC evaluates potential sites for the Olympics years in advance. For the Summer Games, things like the ability to raise the funds to erect the venues are critical. Major world cities are chosen (L.A., Montreal, Tokyo, Mexico City, etc.). The Winter Olympics are almost never in highly populous areas (Lake Placid, St. Moritz, Grenoble, Innsbruck, etc.). The common thread among these locations? How about suitably winter weather?

In Vancouver, they have had to truck snow in from distant locales, use snow machines, and worst of all, they have had to monkey around with the schedule several times so that they could try to find a time when suitable weather conditions would allow for the alpine skiing events to be held. How could an event of this magnitude be scheduled in a city where there was even the possibility that this could occur?

I don’t think we can attribute this to global warming, although can’t you just imagine that Al Gore is sipping a cocktail somewhere and smirking right now? No. This time, the blame goes to a bunch of organizers who can’t even bother to do an appropriate amount of due diligence on not just average weather conditions in February, but also on what the extremes are. If there was to be any chance that this fiasco could transpire, then they simply could not pick this city.


I’ve got a bone to pick

February 11, 2010

I don’t know a great deal about a wide variety of subjects. Like most people, that will never stop me from having strong opinions and ranting about them. I hope to be able to defend those opinions well.

I enjoy it when people disagree with me. It generally offers up an opportunity for me to explain to them why they are wrong. I assure you, it’s just the medicine they need.

I often find myself joining forums, particularly those on the subject of sports. I am more than a sports enthusiast. I am a sportsaholic. My problem is that I often find that the opinions of others on these sports forums are difficult to abide. Sadly, these forums are are usually owned and run by someone or some group that feels they can punt (to use a sports metaphor) people like me that don’t share their opinions. It is these very people that have inspired me to start this blog.

Okay, back to sports. The world of sports is as good as politics, religion, personal relationships, or any of the other far-spreading arenas on which to spread an individual’s opinions. One can usually find confederates with like minds to join the hue and cry. Likewise, it usually doesn’t take much to find legions of others sportsaholics that find those opinions nonsensical and of little to no merit. Perfect.

I invite you to read my posts. I don’t care if you have an open mind or not. I think that you will generally find that if I disagree with you that I will gather together a mountain of evidence to support my claims and to ridicule yours. I may dismiss your responses with disdain. That’s the beauty of a personal blog. I cannot be punted by the administrator, because I am the administrator.

But make no mistake, I want you to visit here. I want you to read my musings. I want you to agree. I want you to disagree. And hopefully, you’ll leave the site having been entertained and with a desire to come back again and see what’s new.